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Colleges continue to improve retention while recruiting strongly from disadvantaged backgrounds

10 February 2016

A report on higher education performance indicators highlights that further education colleges (FECs) continue to achieve higher proportions of entrants from backgrounds where people have traditionally not participated in higher education (known as low-participation neighbourhoods), when compared with higher education institutions (HEIs).

Understanding professional doctorates

06 January 2016

A review of professional doctorates, ‘Provision of professional doctorates in English HE institutions’ was commissioned by HEFCE and carried out by the Careers Research & Advisory Centre Ltd and the University of Brighton.

HEFCE response to the Government’s review to improve university research funding

16 December 2015

As announced in the Spending Review, the Government is taking forward a review of the Research Excellence Framework to ensure future university research funding is allocated more efficiently, offers greater rewards for excellent research and reduces the administrative burden on institutions.

Proposals for UK Research Partnership Investment Fund round 5

16 December 2015

A further £200 million is being allocated across the UK to develop research facilities to encourage collaboration and support excellent research.

The new Prevent duty: Monitoring framework for higher education providers

30 November 2015

HEFCE has published a framework setting out how it will monitor compliance with the new Prevent duty in the higher education sector in England. Higher education providers will need to submit a self-assessment of their levels of preparedness in January, followed by more detailed information later the year.

Introduction of loans for masters students from 2016-17

26 November 2015

The Government’s Autumn Statement confirms the availability of £10,000 loans for students under 60 wanting to take masters degrees from 2016-17. HEFCE welcomes the introduction of the loans and looks forward to working with the Government to review how they affect participation at masters level.

Proposals to reform quality assessment broadly supported

20 November 2015

The three higher education funding bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have published an analysis of responses to their consultation on future approaches to quality assessment.

HEFCE response to Nurse review

19 November 2015

Sir Paul Nurse’s review is an important statement of the principles underpinning public support for research.

Understanding high-performing university research units

17 November 2015

HEFCE has published a report on the characteristics of high-performing research units, which provides key insights and a better understanding of strategic approaches to excellent research in UK university research units.

Student protection

11 November 2015

HEFCE, GuildHE, the Association of Colleges, the National Union of Students, Study UK, the Independent Universities Group and Universities UK announce the publication of the jointly developed Statement of Good Practice on higher education course changes and closures.

Falling surpluses risk sustainability of higher education sector

10 November 2015

A review of the financial health of higher education institutions published by HEFCE concludes that future projected surplus levels are not sufficient to sustain the higher education sector in England. There is also significant variation in the financial performance and capital investment plans of individual institutions, and a widening gap between the lowest- and highest-performing institutions.

HEFCE response to BIS Green Paper

06 November 2015

The Government’s higher education Green Paper sets out proposals to place students at the centre of a reshaped higher education landscape, with a focus on improving the quality of teaching, widening participation, and enhancing student choice.

Knowledge exchange funding delivers £9.70 for every pound invested

26 October 2015

New research [Note 1] shows that HEFCE funding for university knowledge exchange (KE) activity delivers significant and increasing return for public investment.

HEFCE highly respected by stakeholders

12 October 2015

An independent survey [Note 1] has found that HEFCE is considered by its stakeholders to be highly respected, trusted and approachable [Note 2]. There is widespread and increased recognition of HEFCE’s role as a broker between Government and the higher education sector, and 94 per cent of respondents believe that HEFCE implements Government policy effectively [Note 3].

Additional reports supporting consultation on changes to the National Student Survey and Unistats

08 October 2015

The UK funding bodies for higher education have published two further research reports that provide supporting evidence for the consultation published on 1 October.

Enhanced version of the HEFCE Register of Higher Education Providers

07 October 2015

After a successful first year in which the Register has shown its value to users, we are enhancing it further and continuing to encourage its use.

Opportunity to join the HEFCE Audit Committee

06 October 2015

We are looking to appoint a new member to the HEFCE Audit Committee

HEFCE's new Bristol office

05 October 2015

HEFCE is moving Bristol headquarters on Monday 12 October.

Consultation on changes to the National Student Survey and Unistats

01 October 2015

The UK funding bodies for higher education have published a joint consultation on changes arising from their review of information about learning and teaching, and the student experience.