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Latest news

BIS is seeking to appoint new members to the HEFCE Board

14 June 2016

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) wishes to appoint up to four new members to the HEFCE Board.

Supporting widening access and successful student outcomes, including progression to taught postgraduate study

08 June 2016

HEFCE has launched a consultation on proposals for future investment to support widening access, successful student outcomes, including progression to taught postgraduate study.

STEM and computer sciences reviews show that improving employment outcomes is a shared responsibility

16 May 2016

Two reviews published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, looking at employment outcomes among science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates, find that responsibility for improving these outcomes needs to be shared between higher education providers, employers and students.

Competition and choice: HEFCE response to higher education White Paper

16 May 2016

The Government’s White Paper aims to put in place a simpler and more efficient higher education and research system which encourages competition and choice, drives up quality, and ensures greater accountability and value for money (Note 1).

Universities and councils join forces to help communities

13 May 2016

Leaders from universities and local authorities will be working together on a pilot project designed to help areas drive growth, re-design public services and strengthen the relationship between communities and academic institutions.

Revised operating model for quality assessment: Announcement of preferred bidders

13 May 2016

HEFCE is pleased to announce preferred bidders following an exercise to procure quality assessment services for the new operating model for quality assessment in higher education in England.

Diane Lees to chair HEFCE review of Museums, Galleries and Collections Fund

12 May 2016

We are delighted to announce that Diane Lees CBE, Director-General of Imperial War Museums, will chair the review of HEFCE’s Museums, Galleries and Collections Fund.

HEFCE to allocate £3.7 billion to 344 universities and colleges for 2016-17

06 May 2016

HEFCE is publicly announcing the funding for 131 higher education institutions and 213 further education colleges for the academic year 2016-17.

HEFCE to manage new Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund

11 April 2016

HEFCE has been asked by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to manage the Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund.

HEFCE is looking to appoint new members to its Strategic Advisory Committees

06 April 2016

HEFCE wishes to appoint new members to all of its Strategic Advisory Committees.

New national outreach programme for students from disadvantaged backgrounds

23 March 2016

A new four-year outreach programme will help meet the Prime Minister’s challenging goal to double the participation of students from disadvantaged backgrounds entering higher education by 2020.

Financial health of sector

21 March 2016

HEFCE’s latest annual review of university and college finances concludes that the higher education sector in England was in sound overall financial health in the academic year 2014-15. However, it warns of an increased variability in the performance of individual institutions, with the gap between the lowest- and highest-performing on financial measures continuing to grow.

Revised approach to quality assessment in higher education

18 March 2016

HEFCE has today published a revised operating model for quality assessment in higher education in England. It heralds the next phase of the Quality Assessment Review initiated by DELNI, HEFCE and HEFCW in October 2014 as part of each funding body’s statutory responsibility for quality assessment in higher education [Note 1].

Funding of £3.7 billion for higher education in 2016-17

17 March 2016

Following decisions taken at the HEFCE Board meeting on 9 March, HEFCE will invest £3.7 billion in recurrent and capital funding for universities and colleges in the academic year 2016-17.

£1.7 million awarded to 28 projects to develop engineering and computer science conversion courses

11 March 2016

A total of 28 projects, involving 32 universities and colleges, will receive £1.7 million to develop a range of engineering and computer science conversion courses.

HEFCE publishes latest key data for English higher education

09 March 2016

HEFCE has published an update to its annual publication HE in England, on the English higher education (HE) sector.

Funding for higher education in England for 2016-17: HEFCE grant letter from BIS

04 March 2016

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Minister for Universities and Science have today confirmed funding allocations to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) for financial year 2016-17.

Social innovation learning pilot projects funded by HEFCE

03 March 2016

HEFCE will fund six social innovation learning pilot projects totalling £98,000, following a social innovation ‘sandpit’ event.

New Head of Regulation and Assurance for HEFCE

15 February 2016

Susan Lapworth has been appointed as Director, Regulation and Assurance. She takes over this role following Heather Fry’s retirement from HEFCE.

Colleges continue to improve retention while recruiting strongly from disadvantaged backgrounds

10 February 2016

A report on higher education performance indicators highlights that further education colleges (FECs) continue to achieve higher proportions of entrants from backgrounds where people have traditionally not participated in higher education (known as low-participation neighbourhoods), when compared with higher education institutions (HEIs).