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REFlections attendees will hear about a package of evidence on the Research Excellence Framework 2014 including:

  • outcomes of the evaluation of impact in the REF from the perspective of submitting institutions and assessment panels
  • feedback from members of the assessment panels
  • emerging outcomes from the review of the costs, benefits and burden for institutions of REF 2014
  • a first chance to access and use the online database of impact case studies submitted to the REF 2014 exercise
  • initial analysis of the impact case studies and what they tell us about the state of UK research
  • reflections on wider analysis and future work, including initial recommendations from the independent review of the role of metrics in research assessment.

The conference is an invitation-only event for leading thinkers and policy makers in the world of research policy.

Invitations are being sent using Eventbrite and are limited to one representative per organisation. Please contact with any queries.

Questions and answers for delegates

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