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The event was aimed at HEIs in these sponsorship relationships and explored the challenges and opportunities involved, as well the role of key stakeholders.

The programme consisted of a range of presentations from HEFCE staff and HEIs across the sector to share experiences and practice. 

Presentations from the event

Introduction and overview of HEFCE research, Yvonne Hawkins and Chris Millward, Director (Universities and Colleges) and Director (Policy)

Download the Introduction as PDF (810 KB)

Working with UTCs, Dr Richard Hutchins, Director, Jaguar Land Rover Programmes, WMG, University of Warwick and CEO, WMG Academy 

Download the Working_with_UTCs as PDF (2,583 KB)

Working with an academy, Eamon Martin, Director, Educational Relationships, City University London

Download the Working_with_an_academy as PDF (461 KB)

Raising aspirations and attainment through school sponsorship, Professor Geoff Layer, Vice Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton

Download the Raising_aspirations as PDF (914 KB)

Working with a free school, Professor Andrew Brewerton, Principal and Chief Executive, Plymouth College of Art

Download the Working_with_a_free_school as PDF (8,066 KB)