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At the event, providers heard in more detail about:

  • the NSS results timetable
  • how HEFCE uses NSS data
  • how NSS data is presented on Unistats
  • how higher education providers use their NSS results to meet their strategic aims.

Delegates also met representatives from Texuna, the company that run the NSS dissemination site, who demonstrated how the site works.


Introduction and policy update
Julia Moss and Rob Stroud, HEFCE

Download the Introduction_and_policy_update_presentation as PDF (624 KB)

Texuna introduction and overview
Matthew Lilliman, Texuna

Download the Texuna_introduction_and_overview_presentation as PDF (1,827 KB)

Texuna workshop: General reports and Excel files
Matthew Lilliman, Texuna

Download the Texuna_Excel_files_and_general_reports_presentation as PDF (3,014 KB)

Texuna workshop: Creating reports with the custom reporting tool 
Ankhit Sharma, Texuna

Download the Texuna_custom_report_presentation as PDF (1,874 KB) 

Texuna workshop: Comments reporting tool
Mary Rowbottom, Texuna

Download the Texuna_comments_reporting_tool_presentation as PDF (1,405 KB)

HEFCE's use of NSS data
Nick Bailey, HEFCE

Download the HEFCEs_use_of_NSS_data_presentation as PDF (552 KB)

Using data from the National Student Survey
Mandy Donaldson, Norland College

Download the Using_data_from_the_NSS_presentation as PDF (1,130 KB)