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Guests of Honour: Dr Joanne Hodges, Head of Science and Society, Knowledge and Innovation Group, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Christopher Millward, Associate Director, North, HEFCE.

Discussion at this seminar will focus on Government policy in relation to the key issues facing STEM subjects in Higher Education.

Timed to follow both the House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee Inquiry and subsequent Government response, delegates will look at the quality and content of STEM degree programmes; how schools, colleges, universities, industry and Government can work together to encourage greater uptake among home students of STEM subjects at university; and whether the quality and availability of careers advice and guidance for students is sufficient to prepare graduates for entry into the labour market for high-end sectors. They will also discuss how university-industry collaboration can be harnessed to deliver improvements in these areas, along with the UK's comparative performance with other leading economies.