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Organised by HEFCE, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and the Association of Colleges (AoC), these events aimed to inform the further education sector about the current public-information agenda and the development of the QAA Quality Code. 


Download the Agenda as PDF (185 KB)

Beth Steiner (HEFCE)

Informed students: informed choices

Download the informed_students_informed_choices as PDF (2,958 KB)

Clive Turner (City College Norwich)

Public information about higher education (in colleges)

Download the public_information_about_HE_in_colleges as PDF (672 KB)

Ian Welch (QAA) and Ann Cotterill (Warwick College) 

Understanding and implementing the HE external quality assurance agenda

Download the understand_implement_external_qa_agenda as PDF (424 KB)

Information about higher education provision: Expectation

Download the part_c as PDF (59 KB)

Compliance with QAA UK Quality Code - Chapter B5: Student Engagement

Download the student_engagement as PDF (27 KB)

Nick Davy (QAA)

The Quality Code in review

Download the quality_code_review as PDF (206 KB)