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At a time of immense change to the financing of the HE sector, delegates at this Westminster Higher Education Forum seminar will look at changes to the regulation and reporting of university finances, the introduction of shared services and improving budget efficiency, and steps to increase alternative streams of income, particularly through philanthropy.

Speakers include: Steve Egan, Deputy Chief Executive and Director (Finance and Corporate Resources), HEFCE and Professor Sir Rick Trainor, Principal, King's College London

Focus of the seminar

The seminar will bring together key policymakers with stakeholders - including senior representatives from universities, the finance sector and other providers of services for universities.

The seminar will discuss reform of the Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) system, focusing on the benefits and burdens of the current system, key findings from HEFCE's recent review of TRAC, and next steps for financial reporting and regulation. 

Sessions will also focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by the use of shared services in the HE sector. This will include lessons learned from existing shared provision and the role of Government in facilitating an increase in the use of shared services.

Delegates will also discuss the implementation of the recommendations from HEFCE's 2012 Review of Philanthropy in UK Higher Education.

This seminar is run by the Westminster Higher Education Forum.

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