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Social and cultural impacts have now been added, alongside economic criteria, as major factors in allocating research grants for UK higher education institutions (HEIs) under the Research Excellence Framework (REF), the new system for assessing the quality of HEI research due for completion next year. This Westminster Higher Education Forum seminar focuses on the challenges, opportunities and implications resulting from their inclusion. 

Speaker: Dr Graeme Rosenberg, REF Manager, HEFCE

Focus of the seminar

Delegates will discuss: 

  • the challenges of quantifying social research output
  • the likely impact of the REF on quality of research output and implications for vulnerable subjects
  • the potential effect of Open Access policy on increasing social impact. 

They will also consider the steps universities can take to maximise public engagement with HEI research. This will include examples of best practice in raising public awareness and understanding of research and social and cultural impact. 

This seminar is run by the Westminster Higher Education Forum.

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