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We will be directly funding new publicly-funded providers of higher education from 2014-15. We invited applications from providers to join the HEFCE-funded sector from 2014-15 as the Government has changed regulations on access to student support. From 2014-15, only publicly-funded providers that are in a funding relationship with HEFCE will continue to be automatically designated for student support.

On 17 October 2013, higher education managers and staff with responsibility for data management attended a workshop.

This focused on:

  • key topics, including funding and student number controls for 2014-15, and data returns
  • training to help providers successfully complete the HEIFES survey
  • giving providers the first opportunity to meet with and network with HEFCE staff.

Presentation slides

What colleges should expect when joining the HEFCE-funded sector

Download the expectations_joining_HEFCEfunded_sector as PDF (996 KB)

Funding and student number controls

Download the Funding_SNCs_new_entrant_colleges_201415 as PDF (926 KB)

Introduction to the HEIFES13 tables and the HEIFES13 population

Download the introduction_HEIFES_tables_slides as PDF (599 KB)

HEIFES13 – definitions

Download the HEIFES_definitions as PDF (550 KB) 

Good practice, accessing HEIFES13 and data verification

Download the data_verification_slides as PDF (651 KB)


930 Registration
1000 Welcome, introduction, and background
1015 Overview of requirements of HEFCE-funded institutions
1045 Q&A session
1100 Introduction to Funding
1145 Break
1200 Introduction to the student number control
1300 Lunch
1345 Higher Education in Further Education Students (HEIFES) Survey – Introductory training (part 1)
1500 Break
1515 HEIFES introductory training (part 2)
1630 Q&A session
1700 Close