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HEFCE closed at the end of March 2018. The information on this website is historical and is no longer maintained.

Many of HEFCE's functions will be continued by the Office for Students, the new regulator of higher education in England, and Research England, the new council within UK Research and Innovation.

The HEFCE domain - - will continue to function until September 2018. At this point we will close the site entirely and all its information will only be available from the National Web Archive.


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Grant announcement for higher education 2010-11

22 December 2009

HEFCE has received the annual grant letter from the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills for 2010-11.

Joint Statement on London Metropolitan University

17 December 2009

The prime concern of HEFCE and the Board of Governors at London Metropolitan University is for the current students and the continued provision of their education. Both parties are equally concerned to ensure that there are effective governance and management arrangements in place, providing confidence in the University’s ability to ensure the proper stewardship and use of public funds.

How HEFCE counts students for funding purposes

15 December 2009

A look at the way HEFCE asks institutions to count students and how it treats 'non-completions'.

Task force to help extend position of UK as world leader in online learning

08 December 2009

An Online Learning Task Force has been set up to help the UK higher education (HE) sector maintain and extend its position as a world leader in online learning.

Students to take central role in new quality arrangements

01 December 2009

Students are to take a central role in new arrangements to assure the quality of higher education (HE) in universities and colleges in England and Northern Ireland.

Review of modern foreign languages: joint response by HEFCE and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

30 November 2009

The HEFCE Board on 27 November considered a review of modern foreign languages in English higher education (HE). The review, commissioned by HEFCE and undertaken by Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost of University College London, drew on a range of data to make recommendations that aim to assure the long-term sustainability and vitality of modern foreign languages (MFL) provision in HE. A dissemination event is scheduled for 1 December in London. This event will provide the languages community with the opportunity to discuss the report's recommendations.

8,500 graduate internships available

30 November 2009

HEFCE today called on universities to assist unemployed graduates through the economic downturn, and support employers in the Government’s priority areas as part of the Backing Young Britain initiative. Higher education institutions (HEIs) are invited to take part in the scheme, which will provide £13.6 million to support 8,500 graduate internships.

Ground-breaking university research depends on block grant funding

26 November 2009

Government money to support university research is making a real difference to our everyday lives and helping universities respond quickly to emerging challenges facing the world, according to a joint report published today.

Heather Fry appointed Director of Education and Participation

25 November 2009

Heather Fry has been appointed Director of Education and Participation at HEFCE succeeding John Selby who retires at the end of April 2010. Heather has been Head of Learning and Teaching at HEFCE since November 2008, leading on policy development and implementation in areas such as quality assurance and enhancement, and teaching funding policy.

HE students and staff to get support for social change

20 November 2009

UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, and HEFCE have joined forces to launch an awards scheme to promote and recognise social entrepreneurship activity in higher education (HE).

David Lammy announces appointments to the HEFCE Board

10 November 2009

The Minister of State for Higher Education, David Lammy announced today the appointment of four new members to the HEFCE Board.

National HE STEM programme universities announced

10 November 2009

Six universities will work as part of a major initiative to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) throughout England and Wales.

Higher education framework welcomed

03 November 2009

HEFCE welcomes 'Higher Ambitions – The future of universities in a knowledge economy' published today by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Nominations invited for round five of Clinical Senior Lectureship Awards

02 November 2009

Round five of the HEFCE – Department of Health Clinical Senior Lectureship Awards is now open for nominations.

Nominees invited for the fdf Management Board

22 October 2009

fdf is seeking to appoint up to five new members of its Management Board to replace members whose term of office has expired in 2009. Board members normally serve for a term of three years renewable for a further three years.

Review of languages provision published

20 October 2009

A 'Review of Modern Foreign Languages provision in higher education in England' by Professor Michael Worton has been published today.

HEFCE increasingly valued by stakeholders

15 October 2009

An independent survey of HEFCE's main stakeholders, other than higher education institutions (HEIs) and further education colleges, found that there has been a shift in the way they rate many aspects of their relationship with HEFCE from 'good' to 'very good'.

First ever Aimhigher Associates recognised at the 2009 National Aimhigher Awards

07 October 2009

Over 7,000 young people have been inspired and encouraged to consider applying to university through the support of student mentors following the success of the Aimhigher Associates scheme, which is now to be rolled out nationally across England.

HEFCE increases investment in nine HE centres

05 October 2009

HEFCE is taking forward the development of nine existing higher education (HE) centres, in parts of the country not well served by HE. The centres located in the East of England, the North West, South East, South West, and Yorkshire and Humber have been allocated 2,208 additional student numbers in 2010-11 enabling them to enhance the learning opportunities for local people.

New 'University Challenge': decisions announced

05 October 2009

HEFCE is committed to developing higher education (HE) centres and six proposals under the New ‘University Challenge’ initiative have been identified as being of good enough quality to go forward.

There are important issues to address but no systemic failure, a review of teaching quality issues concludes

01 October 2009

There is no systemic failure in quality and standards in English higher education (HE), but there are issues needing to be addressed, a report commissioned by HEFCE concludes.

Nominees invited for the Higher Education Academy Board

30 September 2009

This invitation was published originally with a deadline of 25 September 2009. The deadline has now been extended to 9 October 2009. We will be in touch with the successful candidate by 26 October.

Major consultation on the new Research Excellence Framework published

23 September 2009

HEFCE has today published a consultation, on behalf of the four UK higher education funding bodies, on the Research Excellence Framework (REF) (Note 1). The REF is the new process for assessing research in UK higher education institutions, enabling the selective allocation of funding. It will replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).

Report on relationship between universities and businesses welcomed

21 September 2009

HEFCE has welcomed the CBI Higher Education Task Force report recommending a stronger relationship between higher education and business.


14 September 2009


Longitudinal destination of leavers survey published

03 September 2009

HEFCE welcomes the publication today of a survey of students who left higher education during 2005.

New policy to address unsatisfactory quality in institutions

01 September 2009

HEFCE has today published details of a new policy that sets out its approach to institutions experiencing chronic and continuing problems in the quality of learning and teaching.

Call to involve disabled people in HEFCE policy making

18 August 2009

HEFCE invites people with disabilities and those in higher education (HE) who support them to become involved in HEFCE policy making over the next 12 months.

HEFCE publishes information relating to its dealings with London Metropolitan University

06 August 2009

HEFCE is today making available a number of documents relating to its dealings with London Metropolitan University (LMU) over student data returns and the resulting overpayment and recovery of grant.

National Student Survey shows increased participation and continued high levels of satisfaction among higher education students

06 August 2009

Numbers of respondents to higher education's (HE) National Student Survey (NSS) were up this year, and four-fifths of students expressed satisfaction with the course they did.


31 July 2009


Final distribution of new student places confirmed

31 July 2009

HEFCE has written to universities and colleges to confirm their share of the 10,000 new student places for 2009-10 that were announced by the Government on 20 July.

Vacancy on audit committee

30 July 2009

We wish to strengthen our Audit Committee by appointing another independent member. You will either be experienced in an institution's governance, or have a background in accountancy, audit or finance at partner/director level.

Consultation opens on a carbon reduction target and strategy

29 July 2009

A joint consultation between HEFCE, Universities UK and GuildHE on developing a carbon reduction target and strategy for higher education in England is being published today.

Further information on new student places for 2009-10

29 July 2009

HEFCE has written to universities and colleges outlining the implications of the 10,000 undergraduate places for 2009-10 announced by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills on 20 July. This follows the letter to HEFCE from the Higher Education Minister, David Lammy, on 23 July setting out guidance on the announcement.

Professor Sir William Wakeham appointed new chair of SEPnet

28 July 2009

Professor Sir William Wakeham, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton, has been appointed chair of SEPnet, a HEFCE-funded consortium of six university physics departments across the south-east.

HEFCE wins award for promoting excellence

27 July 2009

London Excellence has awarded HEFCE their 2009 Ambassador's Blue Riband award. The award recognises organisations that promote and support learning and development with regards to business excellence in the wider community.

New student places in 2009-10

24 July 2009

HEFCE has received a letter from Higher Education Minister David Lammy on behalf of the Secretary of State setting out how he would like the Council to respond to the announcement that the Government will fund student support for an extra 10,000 full-time undergraduate places for 2009-10.

Funding agreements for 2009-10 issued

23 July 2009

HEFCE has issued revised annual grants and funding agreements to universities and colleges for the academic year 2009-10 this week.

Consultation opens on teaching funding efficiency savings

22 July 2009

HEFCE is consulting on proposed efficiency savings in teaching funding. The consultation specifically suggests savings among 'targeted allocations' outside the mainstream teaching grant.

Vacancies on strategic advisory committees

20 July 2009

Do you have the expertise and vision to contribute to our strategic advisory committees?

Nominees invited for the QAA Board

15 July 2009

HEFCE is seeking a nominee from the higher education (HE) sector to represent the four UK HE funding bodies on the Board of Directors of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). The QAA carries out audit and review of the quality of the higher education in publicly funded institutions.

Universities' support for the economy increasing in tougher times

13 July 2009

Universities and higher education (HE) colleges in the UK provided ideas and services worth £2.812 billion (Note 1) in 2007-08, according to an annual survey published today. This is the highest level on record and a rise of 6.5 per cent on the year before.

BIS is seeking to appoint new Board members for HEFCE (BIS announcement)

10 July 2009

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) invites applications for positions on the HEFCE Board. It is looking for people with experience of any or all of the following: professional service, preferably accountancy, health sector, teaching intensive institutions, and in creating links between business and the HE sector.

£7.8 million grant for shared solutions to common problems in the higher education sector

25 June 2009

HEFCE today welcomed the statement by the Prime Minister on the important role played by The Open University (OU). This coincides with an announcement by HEFCE of £7.8 million of funding to enhance the OU’s national role, and is part of the celebrations of the OU’s 40th anniversary.

Human resources management in HE has been transformed in recent years

17 June 2009

There have been widespread improvements in human resources (HR) management in higher education (HE) since 2001, according to an independent study. HEFCE funding has supported a concerted effort by universities and colleges together with the Universities and Colleges Employers Association.


16 June 2009


Three-year drive to boost STEM will raise student numbers and aid economy

15 June 2009

Further details have been announced for the £20 million national programme starting this summer that aims to increase the number of students graduating from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses. The programme also aims to make a significant contribution to meeting the skills needs of local economies.

National celebration of Aimhigher gets under way

08 June 2009

A week to highlight the considerable breadth and success of Aimhigher activity across the country is launched today.

Participation in higher education continues to widen

04 June 2009

The 11th set of UK higher education performance indicators, published today (4 June 2009) (see Note 1) shows that three out of the four key indicators of widening participation have improved over the last year. All of the indicators show a general trend of improvements over the past six years.

HEFCE commissions review of languages provision

22 May 2009

A review has been commissioned by HEFCE to investigate the health of modern foreign languages provision in English higher education (HE).

Capital investment in research drives up productivity and attracts business

13 May 2009

Public capital funding in universities has supported the UK's dominant position in international research and produced many other benefits, according to a report published today.

HEFCE statement following the Secretary of State's letter of 6 May

13 May 2009

The HEFCE Board at its meeting on 7 May considered the implications for universities and colleges of the Secretary of State?s letter of 6 May.

Economy to benefit from £60 million of new higher education capital projects

11 May 2009

A further £60 million of capital funding has been approved by HEFCE with some projects able to start as soon as this month.

National roll-out of ground-breaking mentoring scheme will help pupils to aim higher

11 May 2009

David Lammy, Minister of State for Higher Education and Intellectual Property, today announced the national launch of the Aimhigher Associates programme, following a successful pilot last year.

Entry and completion of part-time students examined

08 May 2009

HEFCE has published a report on the characteristics of part-time study focusing on the completion rates of students entering a first degree.

Impact of the Budget Statement on higher education 2010-11

07 May 2009

The HEFCE Board received today the letter from John Denham, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills on how the Budget Statement of 22 April 2009 affects higher education and how he expects HEFCE to respond.

Study shows diversity of student experience

27 April 2009

An examination of international differences in the student experience shows an increasingly diverse student landscape.

£25 million awarded to transform approaches to energy consumption

16 April 2009

Forty-four higher education institutions (HEIs) have been awarded a share of £25 million from the Revolving Green Fund, a partnership fund between HEFCE and Salix Finance. The fund enables HEIs to radically transform their approaches to energy consumption and reducing emissions.

Universities and colleges to offer real help now for communities in tough times

09 April 2009

Successful bidders for share of £50 million in economic investment match-funding scheme announced.

Report shows public investment in higher education benefits the economy and society

01 April 2009

An evaluation published today by HEFCE(1) shows that the money put into higher education institutions in England for working with businesses and the community has yielded benefits worth many times the investment over the past seven years.

HEFCE launches strategy for technology-enhanced learning

26 March 2009

HEFCE has today published 'Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology - a revised approach to HEFCE's strategy for e-learning' (HEFCE 2009/12). This revised approach follows an independent review of the strategy and is designed to provide further support to higher education institutions as they develop their own e-learning strategies.

Aimhigher summer schools successful at reaching out to disadvantaged young people

13 March 2009

The first national analysis of the Aimhigher summer school programme was launched today at the Action on Access Summer Schools Conference in Birmingham.

New world-class centres for academic health science announced

10 March 2009

HEFCE has welcomed the announcement of five globally competitive partnerships between universities and leading NHS organisations.

A new 'University Challenge': developing an HE centre or new university campus

09 March 2009

The new 'University Challenge' programme aims to create up to 20 new centres of higher education (HE) by 2014.

HEFCE invests nearly £8 billion in higher education in England to secure future prosperity

05 March 2009

HEFCE announced today that it will allocate £7,994 million to universities and colleges in 2009-10, representing an increase of 4 per cent from the previous year.

New book celebrates the success of English higher education

26 February 2009

A new publication from HEFCE champions the world-class nature and achievements of higher education (HE) in England, and steers the public debate about its future.

Launch of UK Research Reserve

20 February 2009

The second phase of the programme to safeguard access to the UK's research journals has been launched.

Achieving a sustainable future for learning and teaching

19 February 2009

A report by the Financial Sustainability Strategy Group (FSSG) published today sets out what needs to be done to achieve a sustainable future for learning and teaching.

Listening and responding to the student voice - recommendations for effective student engagement

18 February 2009

The majority of higher education institutions and further education colleges rate their student engagement processes - such as questionnaires and student representation systems - as reasonable or very effective, but student unions are less likely to do so.

Study reveals growth in the numbers of PhD students

17 February 2009

The number of starters to full-time PhD programmes grew by 22 per cent between 1996-97 and 2004-05 from 13,800 to 16,900, according to a study published today.

New action plan for a more sustainable sector

03 February 2009

A new plan to put higher education (HE) at the forefront of society's efforts to achieve sustainability has been published today by HEFCE.

Funding for universities and colleges in 2009-10

29 January 2009

HEFCE has set out a summary of the Board's decisions relating to the recent grant letter from the Secretary of State, following its meeting on 22 January.

HEFCE welcomes new campaign to promote science

28 January 2009

HEFCE is supporting a new government campaign launched today to highlight the vital role science plays in the wellbeing and prosperity of Britain.

Rapid response by universities to help individuals and businesses through the recession

27 January 2009

HEFCE today launched the Economic Challenge Investment Fund (ECIF) to enable higher education to respond rapidly to the needs of employers and individuals during the economic downturn. Universities and colleges in England are being invited to take part in a £50 million scheme to help individuals and businesses through the recession.

Further progress made in reducing the accountability burden on universities

27 January 2009

The costs to universities and colleges of complying with the accountability requirements of higher education funders and official agencies for their use of public funds has continued to fall, according to a report published today by the PA Consulting Group.

Grant announcement for higher education 2009-10

22 January 2009

HEFCE has received the annual grant letter from the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills on higher education funding for 2009-10.

HEFCE's response to review of the Leitch report's impact

19 January 2009

HEFCE has welcomed the report published by the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee examining the impact of Lord Leitch's 2006 review of skills.

HEFCE and OFFA call on higher education institutions to submit strategic assessments of their widening participation activity

12 January 2009

HEFCE and the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) set out today details of the new form of reporting for institutions on widening participation (WP) in higher education.