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HEFCE closed at the end of March 2018. The information on this website is historical and is no longer maintained.

Many of HEFCE's functions will be continued by the Office for Students, the new regulator of higher education in England, and Research England, the new council within UK Research and Innovation.

The HEFCE domain - - will continue to function until September 2018. At this point we will close the site entirely and all its information will only be available from the National Web Archive.


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Grant announcement for higher education 2011-12

20 December 2010

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills has set out the funding for higher education in 2011-12 and beyond in the annual grant letter to HEFCE.

Aimhigher summer school participants more likely to progress to higher education

16 December 2010

Pupils who attend Aimhigher summer schools are more likely to progress into higher education (HE) than similar pupils who do not attend summer schools, a new report reveals.

New concordat to engage the public with research

07 December 2010

HEFCE has signed a concordat which aims to create stronger ties between the public and research carried out across all disciplines in the higher education sector.

Providing information that helps students

29 November 2010

Schools, colleges, universities, student unions and a wide range of other bodies are being asked to comment on the information that higher education (HE) providers publish to help prospective students choose the course and institution that are best for them.

Public survey shows support for investment in higher education

26 November 2010

A survey of the public carried out by Ipsos MORI shows strong support for public investment in higher education (HE) and that its benefits to the UK are clearly recognised.

HEFCE statement on end of Aimhigher programme

25 November 2010

The Minister for Universities and Skills, David Willetts MP, announced today that funding for the Aimhigher programme would cease in July 2011.

Evaluation of Lifelong Learning Networks welcomed

18 November 2010

HEFCE has welcomed an evaluation of Lifelong Learning Networks (LLNs) which shows the programme has achieved well against its objectives, and has improved progression opportunities for learners on vocational programmes.

UK students benefit from study abroad

18 November 2010

A review of international student mobility says that study abroad can significantly boost the chances of a student's success in later life, and bring benefits to the UK's knowledge economy.

Pilot paves the way for impact as a key element in UK's new research assessment framework

11 November 2010

The wealth of impacts of academic research for the benefit of the economy and society can now be assessed, described and rewarded, according to a report to the four UK higher education funding bodies published today (11 November)

Study into benchmarking activity welcomed

04 November 2010

HEFCE welcomes the publication by the Higher Education Statistics Agency today of a detailed study into the range of benchmarking activity currently taking place in the higher education sector.

Response to new funding arrangements for higher education

03 November 2010

Following the Government's response today to the report on Higher Education Funding and Student Finance produced by Lord Browne of Madingley.

Joint statement on the future of the quality assurance system from HEFCE, UUK, GuildHE and QAA

29 October 2010

HEFCE, Universities UK (UUK), GuildHE and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) would like to encourage responses to the consultations to develop the quality assurance system for higher education (HE) in England and Northern Ireland.

HEFCE funding for Foundation Degree Forward to end

28 October 2010

After seven years at the heart of employer engagement in higher education (HE), HEFCE will cease mainstream funding for Foundation Degree Forward (fdf) by July 2011, although transitional funding will be available until October 2011.

Understanding student perspectives of online learning

28 October 2010

A study published today reveals the demands, perceptions and needs of new and potential higher education students regarding online learning at universities and colleges.

Public investment in higher education must be revisited

27 October 2010

As the economy improves the question of public investment in higher education (HE) must be revisited, Sir Alan Langlands, Chief Executive of HEFCE, told an Oxford University audience.

Student interests are paramount in new funding arrangements

21 October 2010

The interests of students must be paramount in the new funding arrangements for higher education, according to Sir Alan Langlands, Chief Executive of HEFCE.

Ian Pearson appointed Chair of National HE STEM Programme

15 October 2010

Former Economic Secretary to the Treasury and Science Minister Ian Pearson has been appointed Chair of the National Higher Education STEM Programme Advisory Forum.

Information about online courses should be improved

14 October 2010

A study highlights the need for universities and colleges to improve information available to students about online courses.

HEFCE's response to the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance

12 October 2010

Lord Browne's Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance has today published its recommendations to Government.

Aaron Porter appointed observer to HEFCE Board

04 October 2010

Aaron Porter, National President of the National Union of Students (NUS), has been made an observer to the Board of HEFCE. This is the first time that an observer from the NUS has been appointed to the Board. The appointment starts with immediate effect and, as a personal appointment, will last for the duration of his term in office.

NSS 2010 shows continued high levels of satisfaction among higher education undergraduate students

18 August 2010

The overall satisfaction rate for students studying at all types of higher education institution (HEI) and at further education colleges (FECs) in England remains high, with 82 per cent saying they are satisfied with their course in this year's National Student Survey (NSS).

Call to involve disabled people in HEFCE policy making

11 August 2010

HEFCE invites disabled people and those in higher education (HE) who support them to become involved in HEFCE policy making over the next 12 months.

Keeping pace with enthusiasm for sustainable development

05 August 2010

Eleven sustainable development projects in the higher education (HE) sector are being supported by a HEFCE funding initiative 'Leading sustainable development in higher education'.

Meeting the information needs of users of public information about higher education

03 August 2010

Two studies published today indicate how provision and use of information about higher education (HE) might be improved, to enable potential students to make more informed choices about what and where to study.

Research Excellence Framework (REF) – panel recruitment and nominations

23 July 2010

The funding bodies have published details of the new units of assessment for the REF and are recruiting to its expert panels.

HEFCE announces revised grants for universities and colleges

22 July 2010

Today HEFCE is announcing revised grants and allocations of student places following changes to government funding and decisions by HEFCE's Board. This follows the March announcement of allocations for 2010-11.

Research Excellence Framework – main panels, timetable, and equality and diversity advisory group

15 July 2010

The funding bodies are pleased to announce appointments of the four main panel chairs designate for the first Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise.

New financial memorandum published

12 July 2010

Following a period of consultation, HEFCE has set out a revised funding agreement with the institutions it funds. This will come into effect on 1 August 2010.

HEFCE welcomes revised timetable for REF

09 July 2010

HEFCE welcomes today's announcement by David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, which confirms the timetable for the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Four years of the National Student Survey show increasing satisfaction

08 July 2010

Today sees the release of a HEFCE report on the findings and trends of the annual National Student Survey (NSS), from 2006 to 2009

Information for prospective students is a key element in quality assurance overhaul

08 July 2010

The quality of information about higher education will be improved in changes being made to strengthen the method for assuring the quality and standards of higher education in England and Northern Ireland.

Revolving Green Fund cuts universities' carbon emissions by 2 per cent each year

05 July 2010

HEFCE's Revolving Green Fund is actively supporting projects in the higher education sector that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

HEFCE announces over £10.5 million for university museums and galleries

01 July 2010

HEFCE will distribute just over £10.5 million to university museums and galleries in England for the academic year 2010-11. The funding will support 33 individual museums and galleries in 19 universities and colleges.

Student places and funding for 2010-11

24 June 2010

HEFCE has today received a revised grant letter from the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills for 2010-11.

Funding more students

24 June 2010

HEFCE has allocated £152 million through the University Modernisation Fund (UMF) (Note 1). Of this total, £132 million will be spent by universities and colleges on 10,000 extra student places in 2010-11. Approximately 8,000 of these places will be full time and 2,000 part time (Note 2).

UK universities deliver £2.97 billion in services to business and industry

14 June 2010

Higher education sector and the wider economy are benefiting from universities' entrepreneurial spirit

Universities to publish employability statements

11 June 2010

HEFCE has asked all higher education institutions and HEFCE- funded further education colleges to publish employability statements on the help they provide to students to improve their employability and transition into work.

HEFCE becomes a charity regulator for higher education

01 June 2010

Changes in charity legislation mean that from today HEFCE becomes the 'principal regulator' for the 110 higher education institutions (HEIs) in England that are exempt charities.

Report examines opportunities for fairer access

19 May 2010

HEFCE today welcomes a report from Sir Martin Harris, Director of the Office for Fair Access (OFFA), to Government that seeks to establish what more can be done to widen access to highly selective universities.

Vacancies on strategic advisory committees

07 May 2010

HEFCE promotes and funds high-quality, cost-effective teaching and research, meeting the diverse needs of students, the economy and society.

Growth in students on foundation degrees is on track to exceed government target

01 April 2010

The growth in the number of students studying on foundation degree programmes is on track to exceed the government target of 100,000 by 2010, according to a report published today by HEFCE.

William Locke appointed Head of Learning and Teaching at HEFCE

30 March 2010

William Locke, Assistant Director and Principal Policy Analyst at the Centre for Higher Education Research and Information (CHERI) at the Open University, has been appointed Head of Learning and Teaching at HEFCE. He takes up his post on 1 August.

HEFCE supports new community campus

29 March 2010

A contribution of £10 million from the Council will support a new campus for Manchester Metropolitan University that is central to regeneration plans in Hulme.

Research Excellence Framework – consultation outcomes

26 March 2010

The four UK higher education (HE) funding bodies today announced the outcomes of the recent consultation on the Research Excellence Framework (REF) – the new system for assessing research in UK higher education institutions (HEIs).

HEFCE welcomes budget announcement on 20,000 additional student places

24 March 2010

HEFCE has warmly welcomed the announcement by Lord Mandelson that the Government is allocating an additional £270 million to universities and colleges in 2010-11 to support 20,000 extra student places and improve efficiency.

Review of the method for funding teaching

24 March 2010

HEFCE has today published the first of two consultations that will explore the future of its teaching funding method. These consultations will examine all the options for change – from minimal change to an entirely new approach - and will inform the future of the method from 2012-13 onwards.

HEFCE announces funding of £7.3 billion for universities and colleges in England

18 March 2010

HEFCE will distribute £7,356 million to 130 universities and higher education colleges, and 123 directly funded further education colleges, for the academic year 2010-11 (see note 1).

HEFCE supports transformation in higher education to aid economic recovery

12 March 2010

University leaders met this week to share best practice from HEFCE's 'Leading Transformational Change' initiative. HEFCE is investing over £1.5 million in projects to enable the higher education (HE) sector to continue to play an important role in the economic recovery. The initiative will see the resources of the Council’s Leadership, Governance and Management Fund used for projects that will capture emerging good practice in responding to the economic downturn and preparing for recovery.

Number of undergraduates studying science subjects continues to rise

11 March 2010

A report published today by HEFCE shows that more students are now studying 'vulnerable' subjects such as physics, chemistry and maths than in 2005-06, when the Government first became concerned about these subjects (note 1). Since 2005-06, the number of people studying physics, chemistry and maths at undergraduate level has risen by 6.8 per cent to 47,269.

HEFCE plays a vital role in support of the HE sector

08 March 2010

A review of HEFCE has concluded that it is a high-performing organisation that has the confidence of the higher education sector and the Government.

HEFCE opens debate on future of higher education workforce

25 February 2010

A report published today is designed to initiate a debate about how higher education (HE) should respond to the most pressing challenges for people working in universities and colleges. It highlights the outstanding achievements of HE in England and the vital role played by its high-calibre workforce in this success.

7000 graduates to get job market head start

11 February 2010

Around 7000 graduates' career prospects have been given a boost, now that over fifty universities have taken up the Government's £13.6 million fund to provide internships in small businesses by the end of the year as part of the Backing Young Britain campaign to help young people into work.

HEFCE announces funding for universities and colleges in 2010-11

01 February 2010

HEFCE announced today the main decisions made by the Board at its meeting on 28 January on the provisional distribution of funding to universities and colleges in 2010-11.

Higher education commits to reducing carbon emissions

28 January 2010

A new strategy published today demonstrates higher education’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Substantial increases in entry to higher education for disadvantaged young people

28 January 2010

A major study of all young people living in England gives the first picture of the trends in the proportion of young people entering higher education (HE) at ages 18 and 19 between the mid-1990s and the present.