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The final report on the survey is published today following publication of a summary report in September by Universities UK.

The survey aimed to develop a nationally representative picture of attitudes to public investment in HE and its perceived benefits to the UK economy. It included a cross-section of adults aged 15 years and over across Great Britain, and ran between 31 July and 6 August 2010.

It found that:

  • 90 per cent of those surveyed thought it was important for the Government to invest in HE, of which 59 per cent thought it was very important
  • 80 per cent said that public investment in HE should either increase or stay the same
  • widening access or the benefits of HE to the economy were the most common unprompted reasons for increasing public investment
  • consistently around 70 per cent of the respondents acknowledged HE's benefits to skills, business development, the arts, and the UK as an internationally competitive economy
  • 86 per cent of respondents thought a university education was 'very' or 'fairly' worthwhile these days.