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HEFCE closed at the end of March 2018. The information on this website is historical and is no longer maintained.

Many of HEFCE's functions will be continued by the Office for Students, the new regulator of higher education in England, and Research England, the new council within UK Research and Innovation.

The HEFCE domain - - will continue to function until September 2018. At this point we will close the site entirely and all its information will only be available from the National Web Archive.


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The publication summarises our recent consultation on the way teaching is funded and student numbers are allocated and outlines subsequent decisions made by the HEFCE Board.

It expands upon the information published last month on the setting of student number controls for 2012-13 in the invitation to bid for places from the 'margin' of 20,000 in particular, by giving details of new measures affecting London weighting.

The main policy changes, following the consultation, were announced in the invitation to bid for places from the margin including the removal of student number controls for students with grades equivalent to or higher than AAB at A-level.

HEFCE received 207 responses to the consultation which are summarised in Annex B of 'Teaching funding and student number controls from 2012-13: summary of responses to consultation and decisions made' (HEFCE Circular letter 26/2011). A summary of the proposals including changes agreed by the HEFCE Board in response to the consultation and the way the policies will be implemented is given in Annex A and Annex C gives details of the rationale behind these decisions.

HEFCE's proposed changes to the way teaching is funded and student numbers are allocated for 2012-13 followed proposals in the Government's White Paper, 'Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System', published in June. This was the first of a two-stage consultation by HEFCE. The second stage will be published in early 2012 and will address policies for 2013 onwards.