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The RGF helps universities and colleges to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. The third round of RGF is very similar to RGF2 and will provide recoverable grants for both small scale and exemplary retrofit projects starting after 1 May 2013. 

Applications of between £50,000 and £500,000 are invited for small scale energy efficiency projects. RGF 3 provides more flexibility about the type of projects that can be undertaken and the 18 month completion period will allow institutions to undertake work in summer 2014.

Exemplary retrofit projects can be for whole buildings or for campus-wide initiatives and sums of £1 million will support about 10 projects.

The deadline for applications is 22 February 2013.


The amount of funding is subject to agreed allocations from the capital notified in our 2014-15 grant letter but it is our assumption that the amount will be no less - and could be more.