Sir Tim Wilson's review of university-business collaboration welcomed

28 February 2012

HEFCE welcomes the review and looks forward to joining the debate about its findings.

The review highlights a significant improvement in the level and quality of business-university collaboration during the last decade, including how the Government's long-term commitment to Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) through HEFCE has helped to embed knowledge exchange with business as a core mission for higher education (HE) in England.

As the review acknowledges, universities and business now face new challenges due to the wider economic climate and the Government's reforms to HE funding. HEFCE's funding and information will play a key role in supporting universities and their graduates to drive economic growth. Sir Tim Wilson's wide-ranging recommendations will help to shape HEFCE's work in this area during the coming years.

Review of Business-University Collaboration web-site

Download 'Review of Business-University Collaboration' as a PDF

Download the Review of Business-University Collaboration as PDF (882 KB)

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