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The £200 million of HEFCE capital funding must be matched at least one-to-one from higher education institutions’ own or other sources. In order to address the low proportion of women studying in some areas of science and engineering, HEIs will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity to access this funding.


  1. In his speech David Willetts also referred to a partial relaxation of the rules on equivalent or lower qualifications (ELQ) so that part-time students who have previously studied for a degree may in future receive support for their fees in order to study engineering, technology and computer science. This means that part-time students wishing to retrain in these subjects will now be able to get some tuition support. This change to the rules does not affect HEFCE funding. Background to the ELQ policy.
  2. Details of the announcement by BIS.
  3. HEFCE is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of its work. Details of our approach, including our support for the Equality Challenge Unit.