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Commenting on the report, David Sweeney, HEFCE Director for Research, Innovation and Skills, said:

‘This report makes it crystal clear that universities play a critical role in a successful economy and a vibrant society. Each one of the 130 universities and higher education colleges in England has a unique and important part to play. Universities deliver the very highest quality intellectual activity whilst providing key knowledge and training to boost the economy.

‘Our universities develop highly skilled graduates for industry and business across a huge range of subjects. This report explodes the myth that graduates in engineering and other key subjects generally enter employment in the City. They provide critical skills for the professions for which they are trained.’


The state of the relationship’ is the first annual report to be published by the by the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB). 

The NCUB is funded by HEFCE, the other three UK higher education funding bodies and other key higher education bodies.