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It is launched alongside an updated ‘operating framework for higher education’, which explains the arrangements for regulating higher education providers in England.  

Providers are listed on the register where they have one or more of the following features: 

  • They directly receive grants for higher education.
  • They have courses which have been specifically designated by the Government as eligible for the purposes of English student support funding.
  • They are ‘higher education institutions’.
  • They have the power to award one or more type of UK higher education degree. 

The register brings together a range of information from different sources for ease of reference. It will be updated regularly. 

The register does not list all providers of higher education in England. It only includes providers which meet one or more of the specific features above. For example, it does not include providers who offer higher education through a franchise arrangement only; this is regulated through the lead provider, which is included on the register.

The register will be a valuable resource for many different users, including providers of higher education, other regulators, overseas governments and students.

HEFCE would like to explore ways to develop the register, and we will work in partnership with the sector and other regulators to do this. 

HEFCE has developed and implemented the register in response to a request from Government in 2013.