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In February 2014 the Government asked HEFCE to review the provision of support for disabled students in higher education. We have since commissioned two research projects which are looking at institutional strategies for supporting disabled students in a changing higher education landscape. Interim findings are expected in November, and final reports in March 2015.

This research will help us to better understand the nature, level and costs of current institutional provision for disabled students, and to identify key issues faced by institutions. It will provide a sound evidence base for future policy direction and practice, and the revised approach to implementation of the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) changes announced by the Minister will enable us to make full use of it in ensuring the best possible outcomes for disabled students. 

HEFCE supports universities and colleges in their work to widen access and improve student success through our Student Opportunity allocation. In 2014-15, we distributed £366 million. Part of this funding (£15 million) is allocated to reflect the numbers of disabled students at institutions.

Read the written ministerial statement on changes to DSA (September 2014) (MS Word 16KB)