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In addition to staff details, outputs and case studies, the submissions include an impact template describing how impact is supported and enabled from research conducted within the submitted unit; and data about the research environment such as research income and the number of PhD students (Note 1).

Later this month we will also be publishing:

  • Panel overview reports – a report by each of the four main panels detailing how the assessment was carried out and provide an overview of the panels’ observations.
  • A report by the REF Equalities and Diversity Panel (EDAP)
  • A full panel membership list and declarations of interest
  • Universities codes of practice on the selection of staff.

In Spring 2015 the funding bodies will publish the impact case studies as a searchable database.

The four UK funding bodies are also running a number of projects to provide a comprehensive evaluation of REF 2014


Any adjustments made to submissions as a result of audit are reflected in the published data.

See the submissions