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The Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) is led by the UCL Institute of Education and partnered by Lancaster University and the University of Sheffield.   

The new centre has been founded at a time of unprecedented growth in higher education. It will work with universities and governments across the world and involve leading researchers from the Netherlands, Ireland, the United States, Australia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong and Japan to increase practical knowledge of the core purposes of higher education, to recommend improvements and to foster innovation.

The work of the CGHE is intended to build on the global standing of the English higher education system by developing comparable strength in higher education research. In doing so, it will ensure that higher education policy and practice is underpinned by world-leading expertise and theoretical understanding.

Chris Millward, HEFCE Director (Policy) said:                                                                                       

'We are delighted to support this new development in higher education research. HEFCE has a long track record of collecting and analysing data and evidence to provide an authoritative voice on higher education. We look forward to building on this by working closely with the new Centre, and thereby ensuring that government policy, and practice in universities and colleges, are informed by globally connected research and expertise.'

Professor Simon Marginson, Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education said:

'This new centre is a wonderful opportunity to progress the national and global conversations about higher education. The Centre for Global Higher Education is a major research initiative that, working with many people, will help to shape the future of higher education here and across the world.'

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