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These are: 

•  Report on the review of the Key Information Set and Unistats [Note 1]
•  Information mapping study [Note 2].

The report on the review of Key Information Set and Unistats, undertaken between December 2014 and July 2015, draws together a range of primary research including work with current and prospective students, parents and advisers, and institutions.

The Information mapping study by CFE Research summarises the online information resources currently available to students. The research, undertaken between March and May 2015, considers recent guidance to the sector from government organisations on providing information to students, and draws on desk-based research and interviews with stakeholders.

The consultation represents the first stage of a two-stage review of information about learning and teaching and the student experience.

Two literature reviews on issues relating to the National Student Survey will be published on 14 October.



1. ‘Report on the review of the Key Information Set and Unistats’ (HEFCE 2015/27) is available on the HEFCE website at

2. ‘Information mapping study’ is available at

3. The main consultation document, ‘Consultation on changes to the National Student Survey, Unistats and information provided by institutions’ (HEFCE 2015/24) is available at