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The 2016-17 grant letter asks HEFCE to implement year 2 of the TEF, based on the specification developed by BIS through the Technical Consultation, and a commissioning letter to HEFCE, received in May.

With the consultation due to close shortly, we are preparing for implementation and have made progress in a number of areas: 

  • In June we invited applications to become TEF panel members and assessors and received a very high level of interest.

    Over 1,200 applications were received, including 140 for the student panel member and assessor roles. We expect to announce the appointment of around 90 members and assessors, in September.   
  • A Project Board has been established to oversee implementation of the Year Two TEF. See the terms of reference and membership.
  • We have established TEF contacts at and released illustrative metrics to providers that are potentially eligible to participate. 

For further information please see our TEF web page, or contact