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The Government is introducing the framework to recognise and reward excellent learning and teaching, and has asked HEFCE to implement Year Two of this exercise [Note 1].

The TEF panel will comprise individuals from a range of different organisations. It will be responsible for deciding the assessment outcomes, based on recommendations and advice from a wider pool of academic and student assessors. Over 1,200 applications were received for the roles available.

Professor Chris Husbands, Chair of the TEF, said:

‘I look forward to working with this panel, which is drawn so broadly from across the sector, to build on the excellent reputation of UK higher education at this important point in its evolution. The panel will bring to bear a range of perspectives and expertise to contribute to the robust and successful implementation of the TEF.’

Commenting on the appointments, Madeleine Atkins, Chief Executive, HEFCE said:

‘We are delighted with the calibre of panel members, who we have appointed for their standing with higher education providers and students, and their significant commitment to excellence in learning and teaching.’

Further appointments will be made to the panel to strengthen representation from employers, and also from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, should they take part [Note 2].

The list of appointed assessors will be announced by the end of September. The Department for Education will announce the final specification against which providers are to be assessed later this month, following its technical consultation [Note 3].



1. The letter from the former Department for Business, Innovation and Skills commissioning HEFCE to run the TEF can be found on HEFCE’s TEF webpage at

2. This will be confirmed by the Department for Education in the announcement of the final specification.

3. See