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The Government has introduced the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) to recognise and reward excellent learning and teaching, and has asked HEFCE to implement Year Two (Note 1).

HEFCE has published additional guidance for providers on the Year Two TEF, following the recent Department for Education publication of the final specification (Note 2). The guidance sets out additional detail about how to participate in Year Two, and on how the application, submission and assessment process will operate.

The assessment will be based on a holistic judgement by the TEF Panel of how each provider’s metrics and submissions demonstrate performance against assessment criteria covering different aspects of learning and teaching. HEFCE has released each provider’s metrics to them. Providers that meet the eligibility requirements and apply for an assessment will be awarded a rating of ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’.

The TEF panel, which was initially announced on 15 September, comprises individuals with expertise in learning and teaching and from a range of different organisations. It will be responsible for deciding the assessment outcomes, based on recommendations and advice from a wider pool of academic and student assessors. The full list of panel members and assessors, which includes additional members to ensure UK-wide coverage, is now available (Note 3).

Details of a series of UK-wide provider briefing events and webinars have been sent to providers’ TEF contacts.

Please see the HEFCE TEF webpages to:

  • download full HEFCE guidance
  • see a full list of appointed TEF panel members and assessors
  • find your provider’s TEF contact (to whom queries should be directed in the first instance).

Applications for the TEF will close at noon on 26 January 2017. Following the assessment process, results of the exercise will be released in May 2017.


1. Read the letter from the former Department for Business, Innovation and Skills commissioning HEFCE to run the TEF.

2. Read the Department for Education’s final specification. See HEFCE’s guidance.

3. Read the initial announcement of TEF Panel members. See an up-to-date list of the TEF Panel and assessors.