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What makes excellent interdisciplinary research (IDR)? How can it be best supported, developed and embedded? How important are structures and culture to getting this right?

These important questions were discussed by researchers, funders and policy makers at a joint HEFCE, Research Councils UK and British Academy event on 8 December 2016. The conference explored policy and practice for interdisciplinary research across the UK, drawing on research recently published by the British Academy, RCUK, HEFCE, Global Research Council and the Academy of Medical Sciences. The conference report has now been published.

The consultation on the second Research Excellence Framework was published on the day of the conference and contains proposals for further supporting the assessment of interdisciplinary research in a future REF (Paragraphs 71 and 72). The consultation is open until midday on 17 March 2017, and we welcome responses.


1. Read the conference report

2. Respond to the REF consultation