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The Government has committed to fund an extra 1,500 medical places by 2020. Today’s announcement confirms that following HEFCE’s successful allocation of 500 student places to existing medical education providers for 2018-19, the remaining 1,000 places are to be allocated through a competitive process jointly led by HEFCE and Health Education England (HEE), which we expect to launch in the Autumn. 

The criteria for the competitive process will take into account the priorities set out in the consultation response, including widening participation in the medical profession and aligning expansion to local needs with an emphasis on rural and coastal areas. 

Professor Madeleine Atkins, Chief Executive, HEFCE, said: 

'HEFCE welcomes the Government’s commitment to expand the numbers of medical student places in England. We look forward to working with Health Education England on the approach to the competitive allocation of places.'

See the Government's response to their consultation on expanding undergraduate medical education.