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As part of the work informing the HE Workforce Framework, HEFCE commissioned Nicola Dowds to undertake research looking at the experiences of human resource management (HRM) in HE in international comparator countries. In particular she examined:

  • the type and nature of their current HRM challenges
  • the extent to which HRM in HE has changed in the past five years
  • the HRM priorities for the next five years.

The report touches on the international HRM impacts of the global recession, the international war for academic talent and the challenges to labour relations and pay bargaining structures in countries around the world.

This report is one of five that supplement the HE Workforce Framework (see 'The higher education workforce framework 2010: Overview report' (HEFCE 2010/05) and 'The higher education workforce framework 2010: Main report' (HEFCE 2010/05a)). All five can be accessed via our HE Workforce Framework web-pages which also contain more information about the project.