Evaluation of Capital Funding to Higher Education Institutions for Learning and Teaching, 2006-2008

October 2012


HEFCE has made project capital allocations in support of learning and teaching and research since 1999.

This evaluation covers the 2006- 08 round of funding for learning and teaching capital. The total allocations for this round were £645 million.

The findings from this evaluation highlight a continued trend of improvement in the professionalism of higher education institutions (HEIs) in aligning and delivering projects according to strategic plans. HEIs have developed innovative ways of using space that co-locate staff and students in professional working and learning environments and make best use of information and communication technologies, multimedia and modern pedagogic techniques. Staff in the HEIs have acquired increasingly strong project management and delivery capabilities which provide assurance that all sizes of projects are delivered on time, to budget and in conformity with specification while also generating the envisaged outcomes.

Page last updated 23 October 2012

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