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HEFCE commissioned KPMG to establish costings for the delivery of pre-registration nursing, midwifery and allied health courses, and to analyse what drives costs. From 2017-18, students starting undergraduate courses in these subjects will be supported through the higher education finance system, and the provision of these courses becomes fundable by HEFCE. The study was commissioned to inform HEFCE’s funding decisions.

This report provides costings at discipline level for all the courses involved in this reform. All universities providing relevant courses were invited to submit data to the study, and two-thirds did so, giving a high level of coverage of the courses. The methodology used was based on the Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC), which means that the costings are comparable to other costings returned to HEFCE. In addition to outlining the different cost components and their variations, the report analyses some specific costs, in particular those of estates, managing placements, and delivering these disciplines as postgraduate courses.

Date: 10 April 2017

Ref: Independent research