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Executive summary


1.   This document gives our revised allocations of recurrent funding to institutions for the academic year 2011-12.

Key points

2.   We have updated a number of the allocations given in 'Recurrent grants for 2011-12' (HEFCE 2011/07). The main changes are:

  1. Changes to co-funded employer engagement allocations.
  2. Changes to grant following data reconciliations and audit.
  3. Institutional mergers and transfers.
  4. Changes to the widening participation (WP) targeted allocation, teaching enhancement and student success (TESS) targeted allocation and other targeted allocations.
  5. Allocations through Higher Education Innovation Funding.
  6. Changes to funding for moderation.

Total recurrent funding has increased by £126,164,456 to £6,054,394,331.

3.   Our Financial Memorandum with institutions ('Model Financial Memorandum between HEFCE and institutions', HEFCE 2010/19) specifies the terms and conditions governing our grants.

4.   Institutions supply data to inform funding allocations. We will continue to audit these data selectively, and will also use data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency and the Data Service to verify them. If we find that the data were inaccurate, so that institutions have received higher allocations than they should have done, we will reduce their funding.

Action required

5.   No action is required in response to this document.


  1. All HEFCE publications can be read on the HEFCE web-site.

Date: 3 October 2011

Ref: HEFCE 2011/31

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded further education colleges, Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions, Heads of universities in Northern Ireland

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