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Dear Vice-Chancellor or Principal

1.   This letter confirms the re-instatement of £58 million of funding under the Teaching Capital Investment Fund. No action is required in response.

2.   In HEFCE Circular letter 02/2010 we announced a number of reductions in capital funding which included the Teaching Capital Investment Fund. Subsequently, on receipt of the revised grant letter in June 2010, we applied a further reduction to the Teaching Capital Investment for 2010-11.

3.   At the time we agreed that these reductions would be regarded as deferred capital commitments and would be a first call on capital funding for 2011-12, should funding be available.

4.   On 3 March the HEFCE Board agreed to the re-instatement of £58 million in 2011-12. The allocations to HEIs are at Annex A.

5.   We will confirm the timing of payments to directors of finance in due course.

Yours sincerely

Sir Alan Langlands
Chief Executive

Date: 17 March 2011

Ref: Circular letter 11/2011

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions

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