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Dear Vice-Chancellor or Principal

1. This letter follows HEFCE Circular letter 16/2012 which provided information to institutions on the publication of data from the 2012 National Student Survey (NSS), including a timetable of when institutions will be able to access their 2012 NSS results via the Ipsos MORI NSS results site and Unistats web-site.

2. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all the NSS data will be under embargo from 3 August when Ipsos MORI will launch Phase 1 of the NSS results site (giving you access to your own data) ( until 27 September. From 17 September institutions will have the usual Phase 2 preview of all institutions’ NSS data, via the Ipsos MORI results site. Also on the 17 September institutions will be able to preview the new KIS/Unistats web-site (url and password details to follow). Please note that this embargo also applies to all data on the new KIS/Unistats site, and which institutions can access as part of the KIS submission process.

3. On 27 September the Unistats web-site will be live and HEFCE will publish a statement about this on our web-site.  Further details about this will be circulated to communications contacts via HEFCE’s ‘pr-hefce’ jiscmail list nearer the time.

4. Institutions will have access to their own data from 3 August and will be able to use this for their internal planning and enhancement purposes. Publication of the data either on public web-sites or for other marketing purposes will be a breach of the embargo.

5. If you have any queries regarding the Ipsos MORI results site please contact the Ipsos MORI team (tel 020 8861 8110, e-mail  If you have any queries regarding data uploads to the Unistats web-site please contact (higher education institutions) or (further education institutions). If your query relates to communications please contact Helen Albon or Philip Walker

Summary timetable

  NSS results site Unistats site
3 August Phase 1 NSS data available under embargo  
17 September Phase 2 NSS data available under embargo Preview data of all institutions’ data

27 September

  KIS/Unistats available to the public and embargo lifted


Yours sincerely


Sir Alan Langlands

Chief Executive


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Date: 3 August 2012

Ref: Circular letter 20/2012

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded further education colleges, Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions, Heads of universities in Northern Ireland
Heads of Student Unions

Of interest to those
responsible for:

The National Student Survey; Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement; Planning; The Student Experience, Press and marketing officers

Enquiries should be directed to:

Alison Felton, tel 01179 317078, e-mail