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Returns should be uploaded to the HEFCE extranet by noon on Thursday 13 November 2014

Executive summary


1. This document asks further education colleges (FECs) to complete the annual survey of students on recognised higher education courses.

Key points

2. The data will:

  • enable us to review teaching funding and monitor recruitment against the student number control for the academic year 2014-15
  • together with the individualised learner record supplied to the Skills Funding Agency, inform our allocation of teaching funds for the academic year 2015‑16
  • give an early indication, for purposes including government planning, of the number of higher education students studying in the academic year 2014-15.

3. This document provides the following.

  1. An introduction to the Higher Education in Further Education: Students survey 2014-15 (HEIFES14) and how we use it to inform our funding allocations and monitor recruitment against the student number control.
  2. Guidance notes for completing the HEIFES14 survey.
  3. Definitions used in the HEIFES14 survey.
  4. Examples of the survey tables. The actual tables for completion will be available to download from the HEFCE extranet in November 2014.
  5. A summary of changes since HEIFES13 (Annex B).

Action required

4. HEIFES14 should be completed by all FECs receiving HEFCE recurrent funds for teaching. Returns must be uploaded to the HEFCE extranet by noon on Thursday 13 November 2014. Workbooks will be available to colleges in November 2014.

5. A provisional timetable for the HEIFES14 return and 2015-16 funding round is given in Annex A.


Main report and annexes

Download the HEFCE2014_24 as PDF (1,559 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24 as MS Word (2,031 KB)

Annex A: Outline timetable for HEIFES14 return and 2014-15 funding round

Download the HEFCE2014_24a as PDF (72 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24a as MS Word (228 KB)

Annex B: Summary of changes and clarifications since HEIFES13

Download the HEFCE2014_24b as PDF (94 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24b as MS Word (228 KB)

Annex C: Sample tables

Download the HEFCE2014_24c as MS Excel Spreadsheet (326 KB)

Annex D: Getting started: table, column and row descriptions

Download the HEFCE2014_24d as PDF (196 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24d as MS Word (276 KB)

Annex E: Submission and quality assurance of HEIFES14

Download the HEFCE2014_24e as PDF (133 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24e as MS Word (256 KB)

Annex F: The HEIFES14 student population

Download the HEFCE2014_24f as PDF (113 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24f as MS Word (244 KB)

Annex G: Recognised HE courses

Download the HEFCE2014_24g as PDF (92 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24g as MS Word (227 KB)

Annex H: Counting student activity

Download the HEFCE2014_24h as PDF (391 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24h as MS Word (531 KB)

Annex I: Completion and non-completion

Download the HEFCE2014_24i as PDF (93 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24i as MS Word (240 KB)

Annex J: Full-time equivalence for part-time students

Download the HEFCE2014_24j as PDF (102 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24j as MS Word (232 KB)

Annex K: Residential and funding status

Download the HEFCE2014_24k as PDF (209 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24k as MS Word (274 KB)

Annex L: Price groups

Download the HEFCE2014_24l as PDF (98 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24l as MS Word (264 KB)

Annex M: Mode of study

Download the HEFCE2014_24m as PDF (108 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24m as MS Word (240 KB)

Annex N: Level of study

Download the HEFCE2014_24n as PDF (79 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24n as MS Word (220 KB)

Annex O: Long years of programme of study

Download the HEFCE2014_24o as PDF (72 KB) | Download the HEFCE2014_24o as MS Word (225 KB)

Annex P: Year abroad categories in Table 4

Download the HEFCE2014_24p as PDF (79 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24p as MS Word (228 KB)

Annex Q: Identification of old-regime and new-regime students

Download the HEFCE2014_24q as PDF (567 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24q as MS Word (846 KB)

Annex R: Self-check questions

Download the HEFCE2014_24r as PDF (66 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24r as MS Word (220 KB)

Annex S: List of abbreviations

Download the HEFCE2014_24s as PDF (69 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24s as MS Word (227 KB)

Annex T: Index

Download the HEFCE2014_24t as PDF (74 KB) | Download the HEFCE2014_24t as MS Word (308 KB)

Appendix 1: Validation of HEIFES data

Download the HEFCE2014_24_1 as PDF (97 KB) | Download the HEFCE2014_24_1 as MS Word (56 KB)

Appendix 2: Verification checks on HEIFES14 data

Download the HEFCE2014_24_2 as PDF (192 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24_2 as MS Word (78 KB)

Appendix 3: Guidance on the student number control grant adjustment table

Download the HEFCE2014_24_3 as PDF (129 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24_3 as MS Word (66 KB)

Appendix 4: Guidance on the indicative funding worksheets

Download the HEFCE2014_24_4 as PDF (191 KB)Download the HEFCE2014_24_4 as MS Word (93 KB)

Date: 10 October 2014

Ref: HEFCE 2014/24

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded further education colleges

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responsible for:

Student data, Funding

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