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  • Foreword
  • Memorandum of assurance and accountability between HEFCE and institutions
  • Purpose of this document
  • Linkage to Operating Framework and the register of HE providers
  • Requirements of other bodies
  • Our responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of universities and colleges to us and to students
    • Regularity and propriety
    • Governing bodies
    • Governing body members are also trustees
    • Accountable officer
    • Provision of information to HEFCE
    • Provision of information for students
    • Quality of provision
    • Research integrity
    • Sustainability of universities and colleges
    • Material adverse events
    • Other significant events
    • Equality and diversity
    • Contributing to meeting policy objectives
    • Other requirements
    • Payment of grant
  • Institutional engagement, support and safeguarding actions
    • Annual accountability returns
    • HEFCE Assurance Review
    • Data assurance
    • Institutional engagement and support
    • Safeguarding actions
  • Revision to memorandum of assurance and accountability
  • Annex A: Audit Code of Practice
  • Annex B: Institutional engagement, support and safeguarding actions
  • Annex C: Approval of increases in financial commitments
  • Annex D: Exchequer interest
  • Annex E: Exempt charities
  • Annex F: Related undertakings
  • Annex G: Definitions and abbreviations


Date: 26 July 2017

Ref: 2017/08

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded further education colleges, Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions

Of interest to those
responsible for:

Finance, Governance

Enquiries should be directed to: