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Raise an issue about quality

Find out how to deal with an issue about standards and quality.

Types of complaint

There are different types of complaint, and different ways to address them. See our guidance:

When should I contact HEFCE?

We can help students where they have certain types of issue with the quality and standards at their university or college.

We can also investigate certain cases of wrong-doing at the institutions we fund.

We can only investigate issues about quality where:

  • the issue is about standards or the student academic experience
  • it affects a group or groups of students
  • it concerns a provider which HEFCE funds
  • you are a student, member of staff or work directly with the provider.

Students must complete the provider’s own complaints or appeals process before we can investigate.

If you are unsure where to take a complaint, we will do our best to advise. Our help desk number is: 0117 931 7438.

Students' unions

The students’ union may also be able to help with a complaint.

If students don’t know how to contact their union, the National Union of Students will be able to help and also offer some general advice:

Page last updated 1 August 2016