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Frequently asked questions

1. We are having difficulties accessing the surveys or templates on the extranet. What should we do?

Each institution has an extranet user administrator who manages extranet accounts for staff at their institution. You should contact them in the first instance, asking them to add you to the group 'Annual Accountability Returns 17'.

Institutional heads of finance were emailed a letter on 20 October 2017 explaining how to access the surveys and templates.

If you are having difficulties identifying the user administrator at your institution, contact Charlotte Coupland, email, tel 0117 931 7213.

2. We are having difficulties using the HEFCE extranet, including uploading or modifying our documents. What should we do?

If you wish to modify a document, simply upload a revised corrected document. If you upload more than once, the latest document will overwrite the previous version.

For other issues, where your extranet user administrator is unable to help, email or call Matthew Eagles, tel 0117 931 7291.

Page last updated 22 November 2017