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Applications for the designation for HEFCE funding gateway for 2018-19 have now closed. We expect the Government to publish a consultation on the new regulatory framework in the autumn. 

About HEFCE funding

The Government provides funding for HE in England, which HEFCE allocates. These funds support three priorities:

  • learning, teaching and student choice
  • research
  • knowledge exchange with business and the wider community.

This funding is often called ‘HEFCE funding’ and the institutions that receive it directly are sometimes described as ‘authority-funded higher education providers’.

Higher education providers in England are eligible to apply for designation for HEFCE funding if 55 per cent of their students are studying courses of higher education.

Designation as an institution eligible to receive funding from HEFCE means that a provider must agree, and comply with, the terms and conditions set down in the Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability that reflect HEFCE’s regulatory responsibilities.

Page last updated 11 September 2017