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The Prevent monitoring framework

To set out how we will monitor providers’ implementation of the Prevent duty we have published an updated monitoring framework.

It includes:

  • guidance and a timeline for when and how relevant higher education bodies will need to submit an annual report
  • details of the possible outcomes from our monitoring process for providers
  • the process for all providers in reporting serious Prevent-related incidents and any material changes to policies and circumstances relating to Prevent
  • how we will support institutions and enable the sharing of experience and good practice in relation to Prevent
  • the process for providers entering the regulated HE sector in relation to the Prevent duty and how we will deal with providers leaving the regulated HE sector and Prevent monitoring.

Through the framework, we will ensure that providers have robust policies, procedures or arrangements in place to mitigate the risks that people might be drawn into terrorism.

To satisfy the Prevent duty, providers should take into account the Government’s statutory guidance, and may want to consider the questions in our Advice note.

Advice note

We have published additional information for higher education providers affected by the Prevent statutory duty.

This ‘advice note’ is non-statutory. It sets out a number of questions designed to help providers understand areas they may want to consider when developing policies, processes or arrangements that will satisfy the Prevent duty.

It should be read alongside the statutory guidance.

On 20th September 2016, we wrote to all providers who are subject to the duty to set out at a sector level areas of good practice gathered from HEFCE’s analysis of the first phase of the Prevent monitoring process, as well as highlighting some areas of concern which we believe need further development.

Prevent Leads at your institution

HEFCE defines a Prevent Lead as the senior manager responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Prevent duty. If this contact changes, please inform the Prevent team as soon as possible at the following email address:

Who to contact?

Department for Education (DfE) Further Education and Higher Education Prevent Coordinators provide hands-on, practical support on implementing the duty. Every institution also has a named Prevent Adviser at HEFCE, who cover particular regions.

Click on the map below for both HEFCE and DfE contacts.

For general queries, please contact

Page last updated 5 October 2016