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HEFCE contacts

Tel: 0117 931 7391

Resources and support

The following links offer further information and support on Prevent for HE providers.


HEFCE has been working closely with a number of sector bodies to provide further information and support for higher education providers affected by the Prevent duty. 

Every institution also has a named Prevent Adviser at HEFCE, who cover particular regions.

Department for Education FE and HE Prevent Coordinators

FE and HE Prevent Coordinators provide hands-on, practical support on implementing the duty.

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Safe Campus Communities

Universities UK have developed the Safe Campus Communities website. This website provides broad guidance and good practice for universities.

It also hosts the Safe Campus Communities ‘HE-specific training package’ developed in collaboration between HEFCE and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (see below). 


A package of HE-specific Prevent training materials are now available on the Safe Campus Communities website. They are provided on a modular basis, including an introductory module to Prevent in eLearning format.

The materials have been developed by a number of HE practitioners and are the result of a collaborative project between HEFCE, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Universities UK and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

These materials aim to complement training already available. The Home Office have published:

  • a ‘Prevent: Training Catalogue’ which provides details on Prevent-related training courses for staff
  • an introduction to the Prevent duty eLearning training package. This is not specific to higher education but is targeted at those in the education sector including school and college environments. 

Independent Higher Education 

Independent Higher Education is a representative body of independent providers and members include some alternative providers. They deliver training events on a number of topics, including the Prevent duty.

Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education has developed a range of events including for alternative providers and governing bodies

Committee of University Chairs

Working with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, the Committee of University Chairs has published an illustrative practice note for governing bodies (and equivalent) regarding their role on Prevent.


Jisc offer free online facilitated training which builds on WRAP (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent). 

The Education and Training Foundation

The Education and Training Foundation has developed good practice training that is relevant to the further education sector and provides a useful resource. 

Charity Commission

HEFCE works with the Charity Commission to support Student Unions to work in partnership with their parent institution in complying with their Prevent responsibilities. There are a range of resources available from the Commission, including:

In terms of the risks around abuse of charities for extremist purposes, Chapter 5 of the Compliance Toolkit focuses on this issue and covers trustee duties regarding controversial speakers and distribution of literature and other educational materials.

Other support

We issued an updated ‘advice note’ in August 2017 designed to help providers to understand areas and questions they may want to consider when developing Prevent policies and procedures. 

The Department for Education, Home Office and HEFCE developed a further advice note in 2017. It is aimed at education providers and explains the Channel process including the process for escalating concerns, review by a multi-agency Channel Panel and links to further resources. 

Read 'Advice note: Safeguarding vulnerable individuals in higher education from terrorist groups' (May 2017)


Page last updated 16 October 2017