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A number of data streams underpin the HEFCE Register and determine the powers of a provider, how they are regulated and whether students can access student finance. These draw on different partner organisations. These organisations provide us with information, and we update the Register within 7 days.

Data streamOrganisation providing the dataContact
Legal name, operating name, legal address, website and UKPRN UK Register of Learning Providers

HEFCE funding

Sub-contractual arrangements (providers delivering HE on behalf of a HEFCE funded provider)*

Annual Provider Review (APR) quality and standards outcomes

Teaching Excellence Framework awards (TEF)

Unsatisfactory Quality Scheme (UQS)

Exempt charities


Degree awarding powers

University title/University College title

HE corporation status or designation for HEFCE funding

Department for Education (previously known as Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)

Specific-course designation (including institutional level specific course designation) Department for Education (previously known as Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)
Initial teacher training accreditation National College for Teaching and Leadership
Access Agreements Office for Fair Access (OFFA)

*Note: this information is collected annually in November and December and is reflected on the Register each January. Changes to sub-contractual arrangements will not be reflected on the Register until the following January unless we are notified directly of the change by the HEFCE funded provider.

Can I change information on the HEFCE Register? 

Providers cannot change the HEFCE Register directly, but they can change some of the sources feeding it. 

Providers can update their names, addresses and website addresses online, through the UK Register of Learning Providers. The Register will reflect these changes within 7 days. 

All other information about features and assurances come from the organisations listed above.  To request a change to an item of information in the HEFCE Register, please contact the relevant organisation. 

For comments about the way the site is laid out, or the language used, please contact directly.

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