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You can search the Register by:

  • the individual name of a provider
  • browsing an alphabetical list of providers
  • viewing categories of providers
  • downloading the complete data on which the Register is based in XML or CSV  format.

Further information about how to use each of these approaches can be found below.  

Please note that the Register only lists providers regulated in England. Information about providers who are regulated in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may be available elsewhere. See, for example, the UK Government's list of providers who can award degrees.

Search by provider name

If you know the name of the provider you are looking for, you can find it using the 'Search' tab. You can search by a provider's legal name or its operating name(s). The search results will include providers’ legal names as well as any operating name(s), so may produce more than one result for the same provider. 

View (filter) by category

incs APR and TEF

You can filter the HEFCE Register to see groups of providers with particular features by using the 'View by category' tab. Multiple filters can be selected to narrow the results. The results will include links to the individual providers within the group and also an option to download the list of providers in CSV format.

The filtering works on “and” logic so that when more than one filter is selected only those providers that have all of the features selected are returned in the search results. See further explanation of the filter categories.

If you wish to filter the Register by categories not available on this page, you can download the complete data on which the Register is based in CSV format and filter the results as required.


‌Browse alphabetical listing 

You can view an alphabetical list of all providers using the 'Browse' tab. The list includes providers’ legal names as well as any operating names.

Please note that HE providers with the prefix 'University of ...' or 'College of ...' are listed by their place or descriptive name (for example, 'University of Nottingham' is listed under 'N' and 'College of Integrated Chinese Medicine' is listed under 'I').

Download the data

You can download the complete data on which the Register is based in XML or CSV format on the 'Get the data' tab. The CSV document will reflect the information on the Register at the point it is downloaded, and will be date and time stamped accordingly.