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Enquiry concerned with governance surrounding senior pay at the University of Bath  

The report of a HEFCE enquiry into governance surrounding senior pay at the University of Bath was published on 20 November 2017. 

In July 2017, HEFCE received a complaint about governance matters relating to levels of senior pay at the University of Bath. Using our statutory powers, we carried out an enquiry into the matters raised in the complaint. These matters concerned certain specific events arising at a meeting of the university’s Court in February 2017 and the conduct of the university’s remuneration committee, including its oversight by the university’s governing body, its Council. 

The report of the enquiry is below. It made 13 recommendations for improvement, specifically in connection with the university’s remuneration committee and the conduct of the university’s Court. 

The report also says that while the remuneration committee meets the basic requirements of HEFCE and the guidance issued by the Committee of University Chairs, the university has ‘a significant distance to travel’ to open the committee’s work to legitimate scrutiny through enhancing its use of various measures of transparency. 

The report welcomes the action already taken by the university, and notes that the effectiveness of the remuneration committee is within the scope of an independent review of its Council’s effectiveness, which is being carried out between November 2017 and May 2018. 

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