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Charity support funding

We provide additional support for research that universities carry out on behalf of charities. The funding amounts to approximately £198 million in 2017-18.  

The funding recognises that charities sponsor high-value research in universities that brings benefits to scientific discovery and society, but that they cannot always meet the full costs of that research. 

The funding also aims to encourage institutions to work with charities in this way.

This sum is allocated to institutions in proportion to the income they receive from charities for research which has been awarded through peer review and open competition.

Funding method

Institutions report the income they receive from charities, and which qualifies them for our funding, in the financial statistics they return to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. We use this to inform our allocations.

For 2017-18, we will allocate a fixed pot of £198 million to institutions in proportion to a rolling four-year average of their charity income.

Page last updated 7 June 2017