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Has HEFCE engaged with HESA on the consultation proposals and REF data?
Some staff may be employed on research-only contracts and have no track record of external funding, yet would be considered independent researchers. Will the next REF allow these staff to be returned?
Will you consider reinstating an element of special circumstances in determining the FTE figure, to account for circumstances such as parental leave?
As outputs are not portable, is there some way to account for staff new to the organisation, or are they still incorporated in the average 2 X FTE?
What is the relationship between the staff whose FTE is counted in the volume measure and those who may be associated with outputs in the submission?
In contrast to options for a minimum requirement for outputs per staff member (zero or one), the consultation only suggests a maximum of six. Are views sought on an alternative maximum?
Would staff on fractional contracts have a pro rata reduction in the maximum number of outputs that could be returned?
How does the multiplier of two relate to the minimum of zero or one and the maximum of six?
Should sampling of outputs be considered?
Will HEFCE consult with early career researchers on the issue of non-portability?
What are the Interdisciplinary Research Advisory Panel’s objectives before, during and after the assessment?
What additional data do you envisage using to assess outputs, over and above citation data?
How is a standard of rigour defined?
If you allow REF2014 case studies to be submitted to REF 2021 with no additional information or explanatory statement, how will you stop an institution simply submitting the same case study?

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