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It is currently estimated that failures in large engineering structures have a global cost of $US 2.2 trillion. This amounts to three per cent of the world’s GDP. 

The centre – located at Granta Park in Cambridge - will use the fundamentals of science to ensure industry can address this problem, and operate products and services safely. 

It will act as a dedicated, national hub that conducts interdisciplinary research. This will focus on the long-term challenges associated with the structural integrity of products, plant and infrastructure across the energy, transport, advanced manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. 

The centre will also develop innovative, fit-for-purpose technologies and design rules, and will demonstrate solutions for long-term asset management. This will cover structural health, condition monitoring and health management through user-led applications. 

The jointly co-ordinated research will develop a scientific and technological foundation for the discipline of structural integrity. It will provide a basis from which to build partnerships between industry, universities and a renowned research and technology organisation. 

Driven by the industry, the centre will adopt a unique, integrated approach to research and postgraduate training. 

Main contact

Name Professor Geoff Rodgers
Title Vice Principal (Research), Brunel University
Tel +44 (0)1895 265609

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