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The AMRC is designed to respond to an increasing requirement for advanced manufacturers to be able to make rapid changes to product design as a result of ever-changing customer demands.

The new facility with its futuristic, circular, glass construction is designed so that machines and manufacturing modules can easily be moved around the shop floor, enabling changes in product types to be made swiftly and accurately.

Sophisticated monitoring systems will generate large volumes of information, which will be used in the development of technologies that allow equipment and processes to change the way they are working, maximising production rates while maintaining quality.

Factory 2050 is the anchor tenant on a new 55-acre research campus on the Sheffield Business Park, close to the advanced Manufacturing Park. These two initiatives form the core of the Sheffield City Region Innovation District. 

HEFCE funding of £10 million is matched with private sector contributions of £39 million. The project is also supported by £10 million from the European Regional Development Fund.

Page last updated 31 March 2015