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The centre will develop treatments tailored to the genetic make-up of patients and their tumours.

Situated on a single site, the partnership will span laboratory research through to clinical trials and patient care. The Christie Hospital serves Western Europe’s largest cancer patient base and Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest cancer research charity.

The centre will focus on five research areas:

  • radiation therapy
  • lung cancer
  • women’s cancers
  • melanoma
  • haematological oncology.

The research partnership investment fund has provided  £12.8 million for this project: £4.1 million to complete construction and fit-out of a new £29.3 million university cancer research building.  £8.7 million will support specialist equipment essential to drive forward the research.

The funds will support activity in many areas:

  • optimising vital infrastructure
  • facilitating highest quality recruitment (20 new cancer research leaders will be recruited over the next five years)
  • yielding economic benefit and growth through intellectual property in new cancer treatments
  • leveraging collaborative opportunities and additional investment via significant and growing industrial, charitable and partnerships with other higher education institutions
  • deepening the scale and output of research activity
  • attracting and inspiring researchers of the future
  • adding value to major investments in other areas such as informatics. 

Main contact

Name Professor Ian Jacobs

Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences  

Tel 0161 306 0533

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