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The centre will be housed within a new iconic Carbon Neutral Laboratory - the first of its kind in the UK -  that will act as an exemplar for the sustainable laboratory-based research facilities of the future. 

It will also bring a unique focus on growing world-leading research activity based on the university’s considerable track record as a UK leader in Green Chemistry, with strong interdisciplinary links with Chemical Engineering. 

The centre will aim to minimise environmental impact and ensure that the new chemistry it develops is energy and resource efficient. Above all, it will aim to be sustainable in meeting society's needs for better medicines, for safer agrochemicals, and for new materials. 

The award-winning University of Nottingham Innovation Park, adjacent to the University’s business school and knowledge transfer hub, will house the centre. This will allow it to develop new research capacity drawn from academia and partners in industry. It will also accelerate the move from scientific discovery to commercial application.  

Main contact

Name Dr Trevor Farren

Business Manager, School of Chemistry  

Tel 0115 846 6175

Page last updated 26 February 2015