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Project summary

Power Electronics and Electrical Machines are critical technologies to deliver all future scenarios of sustainable land and air transport and energy networks.

Electrification of transport and decarbonisation of energy supplies are key to future society and involve businesses spanning from small local companies to major global firms (GE, Siemens and Cummins).

To meet the demands for research and innovation capability and skills capacity, the University of Nottingham Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group (PEMC), a global research leader in these technologies, looks forward to the opportunities resulting from this new Research and Innovation Centre for Power Electronics and Machines.

The new Centre will be located on the University’s Jubilee Campus as part of the Faculty of Engineering’s Research Cluster. The Centre will support the growing demand for innovation in power electronics and machines across a broad range of applications. It will support economic growth and will maintain a technology lead in an area of existing UK competitiveness enabling commercial potential to be maximised.

Page last updated 5 July 2017